The Incredible Power of Writing

Writing is an art form, and all art forms have the ability to transform, inspire and motivate. It’s much more than conveying a story because woven into the fabric of a novel is the artist’s soul, a gateway to their innermost secrets, fears, and darkest desires.

Have you ever wondered why writing is good therapy? If a novel can transport the reader into another world, another perspective, can writing heal the reader too?

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Journaling is great therapy, it allows the writer to unload emotions, to delve deeper and discover aspects of themselves that they never knew existed. It’s a private, safe place to share the shadow side of themselves without fear of being reprimanded. It releases stress. There is no right or wrong way; pen to paper, on the laptop, or making notes on your smartphone, whatever works for you. The important part is gaining access to the thoughts that threaten to drown us.

Remember to take care of yourself. If your emotions are overbearing and too powerful to deal with alone, then please seek help from a family member, friend or trained professional.

Instead of journaling, I place a protagonist into a conflict-rich environment and write a story. There I have all the elements in place to seek out what’s holding me back and portray them through the character. Now, it would silly of me to create the main character of myself, and to be honest, I don’t think it would work. But through the well-developed, complex character, I can identify with them. Aspects like, how harrowing their journey is, how justifiable their anger is, and how to show them compassion despite all of their flaws. This is an incredibly satisfying learning tool.


Writing allows the writer to feel, and it can be tremendously painful, but the consequence of hiding from those emotions is far more traumatic. This is why writers suffering from Complex PTSD, like myself, are encouraged to write.

But what about healing? And what about healing others with our words?

As a reader, I’m most impacted if I identify and connect with the character. I follow their journey with eager expectations, and if the writer has understood my struggles, reflected them back at me, and shown me that I can conquer regardless of my struggles, then I feel empowered, validated and it justifies my pain. Showing me that it’s okay to feel, it’s okay to express myself, it’s okay to be me.

That’s how we heal.

Author Lorraine Ambers - fantasy romance writer

What benefits do you get from reading and writing? What have you discovered about yourself along the way? Share your experiences, you know I love hearing from you.

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Until next time, Much Love.

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45 thoughts on “The Incredible Power of Writing

  1. For me, writing is a journey of a kind – and a learning curve – that doesn’t seem to have an end. After more than a decade of “maybe one day”, it was strange to actually start. It was discovering a part of myself I didn’t know I had and giving my daydreaming a direction (and maybe a goal as well). And a sort of out-of-body experience in things I haven’t done in my own life. A constant challenge in doing what I once considered impossible.
    It’s a mental exercise I need but also an activity that can let my fears and doubts resurface in new ways. One way or another, it’s hard for me to guess what impact it has on me – and whether it will help me or hurt me in the long term.

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  2. I’m writing Blue Cottage to hopefully put a positive spin on what I experienced when I had cancer. I think cancer survivors go through a form of PTSD, although I’m not familiar with Complex PTSD. If I didn’t write about it I’d really explode. When I had cancer I was very, very, angry. Now down to just plain angry. Writing is a slow release valve for emotion.

    It’s needed. Without it, things would be very messy.

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    1. I’m glad you’ve found writing to be a positive experience.
      I’m sure you’ve experienced a great deal of trauma from your battle with cancer and putting a positive spin on the experience is a great testimony to your perseverance and determination. 😊

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  3. Reblogged this on Ethereal Seals: Dragonsoul and commented:
    The art of writing is a powerful tool for humanity. For good or ill, it is a complicated craft that we often see as an escape or a means to explore our deepest, darkest facets. Some use writing to heal, others to vent frustration or release pent up emotions.

    Here’s an interesting perspective from a fellow blogger on the art of writing and how we can use it. Cheers.

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  4. I personally think that writing is beneficial to most people from many angles. If you are angry about something or someone and can’t verbalize it, for whatever reason, writing it down can be a huge release. Harmful thoughts are always better out than in. I have a need to write and it, mostly, makes me joyful, except when my good characters suffer or have to be killed off. But they are artistic needs. Writing can and does feed the soul. xx

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    1. I’m so pleased you’re giving journaling a try. I know plenty of people who struggle with the same thing – being consistent.

      Set aside a quiet time of day, maybe morning or evening, and plan to write for just 5 minutes.

      Usually, the hardest part is sitting with the intension to write, the rest will take care of it’s self.

      Best of luck, let me know how you get on. 💕💕


  5. I love this! Writing has been a consistent escape throughout my life. Diving into a fictional world is a refuge, and creating that world is a power. I’ve only recently started writing a journal daily but it has made a huge difference already. Writing really is the most empowering thing ❤ x

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  6. Great post! Writing has been a great way of expressing myself & provides an outlet when I’ve weathered some rough patches in the past. It’s really helped verbalise my mixed emotions on paper & release them in a positive way. Lovely read! 🙂

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  7. What a beautiful post 💖 For me, reading used to be an escape from a difficult life as an adolescent. I loved to immerse myself in books as silly as the Fear Street series (R.L. Stine), as old as Shakespeare, and sometimes more adult fiction– just any book I found at the dollar store. Reading and writing poetry has been incredibly healing as well.

    Journaling has always been a way for me to analyze life, vent, make plans, and so on.

    Right now, I’m reading “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi and it’s truly filling my life with so much meaning! It’s an amazing book and I’m connecting so much to the author, even though we are quite different.

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