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Hello and welcome!!

This is where you get to learn a little bit about me, but before we dive in, let me tell you what you can expect.

On my blog, I offer inspirational writing tips to help writers pursue their dreams, develop and build their brand, and above all… keep motivated. So don’t forget to click the follow button and join me over at my blog.

I also offer submission critiques for writers who are ready to start the daunting task of querying. I decided to offer this free service as a way to show my appreciation to this wonderful writing community. I run creative writing workshops and I’ve worked with editors to develop my skills, honing my pitch and query techniques. Sometimes an extra set of eyes can really help us grow as a writer. So if you’re stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed by the querying process, then pop over to my contact me page and get in touch.

So, who am I?

Fantasy Writer Lorraine Ambers

Well, I write fantasy-romance novels, spinning dark themes into worlds of magic and gold. I love morally grey characters, strong female protagonists, and stories that have poignant character arcs. You’ll find me deep in the query trenches with no less than two manuscripts. Wish me luck! So far, I’ve had six publishers and one agent request my material during Twitter pitches. Feedback from agents about my query package has been positive and encouraging. It all keeps me going while I wait for my dream agent. My goal is to become a traditionally published author. But in the meantime, I’m revising my fourth manuscript, working with my team of beta-readers, critique partners, and engaging with the wonderful writing community.

Like all readers, my happy place is escaping into the magical realm of a novel. Transformed and enchanted by the characters and their lives. I love high and low fantasy, YA and Adult fantasy-romance, dark fairy tales, and paranormal romance novels. And I’m a huge Zelda nerd!! I love watching anything sci-fi or fantasy, especially if it has a twist of the irreverent.

I’m training to become a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist which has taught me a lot about developing complex characters. In my spare time, you can find me walking my beagle in the woodlands. Watching Netflix series with my husband or hanging out with my two teenagers and bossy cat.

You’re welcome to join me over at my blog.

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42 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lorraine. I’ve just followed you over here from Twitter. I have to agree with the above comment about your attractive site. Your header image is wonderful – gorgeous sky. Is it one from Cardigan Bay? Many people on WordPress are writers, or aspiring writers, and it’s a good place to be to help you to develop your style or simply meet others like yourself. There are lots of great flash fiction challenges out there, if you don’t already do some of them. I wish you every success with your future writing, anyway

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    1. Thank you. I do write flash fiction, at my writing group, I like the challenge. The photo was taken a couple of streets away, it’s a single track road, that over looks the town. The sun set was perfect. I’m pleased you found me. 😊

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It sounds as though your writing group is really enjoyable as well as helpful with your writing. It’s great to have people who can offer advice and critique your work.
        It’s good to have connected with you here, and on Twitter, too.Thank you for following me back. Enjoy a wonderful, family summer. 🙂

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  2. Lovely to meet you, Lorraine! Thank you for the follow, happy to follow back and see what you’re up to. I have a few creative friends who have moved to Wales, so I can see the attraction. Here is the Scottish Borders is where my heart lies, but it’s a similar kind of landscape. Interesting what you say about memoir not being as personally rewarding as you anticipated, I’m wondering about that aspect too. Cheers for now!

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    1. Lovely to meet you too. I must visit Scotland, to witness the beauty for myself. I found memoir too close for comfort, where as writing through fantasy is easier to pour my heart and soul into. Let me know how you get on with your experience of writing memoir. 😀

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  3. oflettersandlibraries

    Hi Lorraine, thanks for the follow. I look forward to poking around your blog some more, and I hope you enjoy what I write (even if it is sporadic).

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  4. Hello Lorraine, thank you for visiting my site. It’s very nice to meet you. And very good to know about you. I found your website by clicking your name so I have no trouble at all. I’ll be back and read more of your writing. I would wish you well and happy. 🌹😁

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Beautiful words Lorraine. My writing was kindled in writing groups in Derbyshire, but we have moved away now and I miss them so much. There are none here where I live now, but I have the wide open wild spaces of North Lincolnshire even though I can no longer see them. I find I never have the words to describe what I long to describe. I love Wales. Spent wonderful holidays there. 😊

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  6. Great post about a valid (or sore) point for most authors. I agree with going with your own gut instinct, a manuscript has to be your unique voice. I’m not sure if editors work the same world-over but in Australia, in my experience, they merely advise changes, putting tracking comments in a Word.doc for example, and guiding/assisting the writing process. I know it doesn’t do to stick to my guns too hard because an editor is the one who has a finger on the book industry pulse.

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    1. Absolutely, an editor has so much knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.
      I think for self-published authors they’re essential. And of course, as the artist we can agree or disagree with the changes suggested. Thanks for commenting. 😊

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