Top 5 things I need to write

I’ve spent the past week learning new payroll software, filing VAT returns, writing GDPR policies for my 3 businesses and redeveloping the website for my welding and fabrication business. YAWN!

During that time I’ve missed writing. And yes, my sanity has suffered for it. I’m amazed to discover that even editing my MS helps my anxiety and stops me from plummeting into depression. And the more of my blogging community I discover and supportive you all are, the less embarrassed I am about my Complex PTSD.

Alice in Wonderland. Have I gone Mad?
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So, without further ado here are my top 5 writing essentials I need for working on my WIP.

  1. Tea and lots of it. A good old fashioned mug of builder’s brew and the stronger the better.
  2. Peace and quiet. I can’t write with people around and I don’t have the luxury of an office or even a desk. As there’s just no room in my bungalow. And so I’ve commandeered the dining room table, it’s home to an extension lead, work files, lots of USB sticks, many notebooks and two laptops. One has an antiglare screen for working on my MS and the other has all the tedious software for running the other businesses.
  3. Music. I know I just said peace and quiet – I guess I meant people. I usually play the radio or music channel. Anything with upbeat tunes. I use it as a motivator and a way to cancel out the unnecessary chatter of my mind. It focuses me. I’m listening to Coldplay’s – In a sky full of stars. I get to channel my voice through words, while dancing in my seat. Life doesn’t get any better than this.
  4. My dog. Pulling my attention away from my laptop and getting out in the fresh air is essential. It recharges my batteries and increases my creativity. Yes, I moan about taking my beagle Dexter out, but I always feel better for it. Particularly if I head to the beach or take a river walk.
  5. Lastly, but most importantly is a functioning mind. I skirt a fine line between holding it together and tumbling into despair. And I can’t write when I’m depressed. While it’s not my fault I have psychological wounds or that I’m regularly triggered. Staying on top of the things that help me, is in my control. Things like, exercise, meditation, writing and therapy.

And I’m going to add a 6th. A cat because it’s finally time to bring another one into my life after losing Jasper. While I still hope he returns home, it’s been 8 months and this writer needs a kitten.

And so, there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a sneak peek into my life. What’s your number one writing need. Share it with me, as I love reading about you too.

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 things I need to write

  1. Great article! Wow, you do sound busy with all the businesses! Writing is such good therapy. I love your list (though my tea is not builder-strength, but (oat)milky). :p

    I am sorry to hear Jasper has still not returned, we are in the same boat, my mother-in-law’s cat has not returned and she’s been missing around 9months. 😦 It’s good to stay hopeful but it’s lovely that you are giving another animal a new start. 🙂

    My number one need for good writing is a separate screen. I can’t use my laptop screen as it’s just not big enough. I like my desk with a separate keyboard, mouse and screen so I can sit up straight rather than hunched over the laptop’s screen.

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  2. Completely agree about peace and quiet. Although I can edit with the TV on, when I write, I can’t have any distractions. Although I could listen to music only, no vocals, it would have to be something soft. None of my favorites. I find myself singing along or tapping my feet and it’s too distracting. I love listening to Celtic tunes or some soft piano or violin.

    So sorry to hear about the PTSD. That has to be rough. You just never know what people deal with under the surface. That’s why it always pays to be kind.

    Great article, kudos.

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  3. krcc

    Wow, payroll software. Good for you! I have bookkeeping stuff saved on my computer to read some day “when I have time”. Looks like they’ll stay in there forever. So I commend you for getting the ball rollin’. I agree, the stronger the tea, the better. Cheers!

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  4. What a great article, I loved being able to look into your window for a few moments. I have now added Coldplay to my playlist in Spotify and thinking “what is one of my writing needs?” that I can share.

    Like you, I love having my dogs at my feet, (all three of them), listening to ambient music and walking in nature whenever I get the chance. But I also diffuse essential oils on my desk. I love to make blends that help to relax, inspire, motivate, and focus me, or whatever mood or state I want to achieve. So yeah essential oils, as they have become an intrinsic part of my life in many areas, but especially when writing.

    Thanks for taking the time recently to like and follow my blog, I really appreciate that, and I look forward to following along whenever you open your window 💖😜

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  5. To get you started I recommend – Lavender which is a calming relaxing oil, Wild Orange which is uplifting and helps with depression and peppermint which is invigorating and sharpens focus. Try 3 drops each in a diffuser. Let me know if you ever want more info, would be happy to help 💚

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  6. I’m a bit of an aberration in that I need noise to write(!) I’m so used to writing with screaming and mayhem in the background that when I do have complete silence, I get writer’s block. I have taken to putting children’s TV on full blast if I do have some time to myself so I can recreate the chaos 😂. Also, coffee instead of tea but like you, when I haven’t written for a while, I feel out of sorts. Once I’ve written, I feel much sunnier in my disposition 😊

    Happy writing!

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