Powerful Influences in Writing.

We explore the world around us through things we hear, see and experience. So I guess it’s natural to expect the current crisis to slip into our writing. Should we sensor our words to protect other peoples feelings? Should we avoid subjects, because they might be deemed inappropriate?

As writers we’re told to research, to write what we know, to have empathy for our fellow humans. This is how we learn to write from their perspective. With the Coronavirus pandemic on the forefront of everyone’s mind, it’s not surprising it slipped into my latest WIP.

I think in times of crisis it’s the artists responsibility to dig a little deeper.

~ Bruce Pavitt.

Yesterday, I did a hard cull of all traces of the conspiracy theory I’d just invented. It was too close to the bone, and too horrifying to write. I had palpitations thinking about the potential persecution I’d face.

I’m a strong believer that we don’t need anymore fuel added to the fear-fire. And yet, I’m aware of the benefits to writing about what scares you. The unknown, the strange, the grotesque. How else are we suppose to make sense of the things that form our day-to-day world?

There is no ‘right’ way to make art. The only wrong is in not trying, not doing. Don’t put barriers up that aren’t there – just get to work and make something.

~ Lisa Golightly

In this time of crisis, when everyone is maintaining a calm, sensible approach. I wonder how many writers are releasing some of that pent up anxiety and terror onto paper?

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Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to share? Are you writing about the current crisis? Has something similar slipped into your work? Please share your experience, you know I love hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, Much Love.

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17 thoughts on “Powerful Influences in Writing.

  1. Lorraine,

    I have been working for an extended period of time on reflections that serve as an exchange between myself as an older man giving advice to myself as a new poet loosely inspired by Rilke’s letters to a young poet.

    This week, the current crisis more than snuck in to the response the old poet made to the young poet… (sorry my titles tend to me long for purposes of providing lead ins on Linked in…)


    Very happy Andrew shared your blog with us at the Go Dog Go Cafe this week!


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  2. It’s great that you’re thinking about what’s a good thing to put out in the world. It’s a good thing to be moral.

    My favorite writing quote is, “It is a damn poor mind indeed which cannot think of at least two ways to spell any word.” It always makes me feel like mistakes are ok, and that keeps me going.

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  3. An interesting thought, I think for some things it can be good to step back, reread and consider whether what we are saying can really be justified or whether it will come across as using a situation for our own gain.

    You always have great insights. Stay safe x

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  4. I was talking to a writer yesterday. We both came to the conclusion that creativity is the best form of relief. While others are sitting in front of the TV all day trying to forget, we create. By doing so it allows us to create our own world with a little dash of the present. It will be interesting to see what stories come out of us a year or two from now.

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  5. I think writing has been a saviour for many. I know it’s filtering into my writing, in fact I’m writing a post as we speak. Not to fear monger but as a creative outlet and maybe just to inspire a little bit, myself more than others. Take care Lorraine. xx

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