Novel Writing – The Three Act Story Structure

A quick reference Infographic for all writers, whether you’re a plotter or planster, to help guide you through your hero’s journey. Take a look at the Three Act Structure and see if it suits your story.

There are other methods, which I’ve covered them in another post: Four Ways To Structure A Novel. If you want to know more, check it out.

I hope you enjoyed this fun glance at structuring novels. The options are endless, let your imagination run free and don’t give your hero an easy time. 😉

If you’re interested in further ideas, check out: Six Ways To End Your Story. 

Happy Writing.
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Do you use the Three Act Structure? Or do you have prefer another method? Please share your writing style, know I love hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, Much Love.

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19 thoughts on “Novel Writing – The Three Act Story Structure

  1. The Three Act structure is great, though in a writing magazine (might’ve been Writer’s Digest; not entirely sure) that had a four point structure that I remember roughly as follows:

    Introduce main characters in the first quarter.
    Quarter mark: protagonist’s life completely changes and they start reacting
    Half mark: protagonist finally moves from reacting to acting (process has been occurring gradually)
    Three quarter mark: Bad guys win, leaving the good guys feeling devastated/defeated
    Climax: protagonist rises from the previous defeat to win

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  2. You are a goddess who should be worshiped! I’ve been all over the internet and few, if any, coaches agree about what should happen in a three-act structure. And here it is and it makes sense. If you could please do a blog post about the three-act structure versus the four-act structure my life would be complete. Ok, complete may be overstating it a bit, but at least I won’t end up wondering “Now what heck goes next”.

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  3. I remember when I started out I studied this to the bone. When I wrote Dempsey I told myself to worry about it after the first draft and it worked. Now, book two, I reminded myself to do the same. The pressure is off and the worry will come later. 🙂

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