The Courageous Writer

Writer’s and Artist’s are seen as fragile creatures, introverted and mysterious. But those are simply stereotypes; artists come from a multitude of backgrounds and have different personality traits. One thing we do all have in common is courage and persistence.

They say writers and artists see the world differently. Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch could become story fabric. – Buffy Andrews.

I love the last quote, the more I write the more I realize the truth in those words. I watch people and observed their behavior, I begin to ‘borrow’ their traits. How they reacted to bad news, how they hold their posture, and then I start to morph those borrowed pieces into characters.

When did this happen? When did I start enjoying psychology so I can channel it into my writing? When did I first observe my emotions so that I could transfer them on to the page? Suddenly, poetry is important because I want to know how to describe a simple object and give it meaning.

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All of those things are fascinating, but other facets of our journey have become more apparent. In order to achieve our goals of becoming published, we constantly put our art out there: Submissions, beta readers, critique partners, writing groups and competitions.

We struggle with self-doubt and crippling anxiety over the future of our novels. All the while we work on; pressing our fingers to the keys, tapping away in the silent hours in between our real lives, where family and work commitments take president.

We continue to push through our fears, purging our darkest secrets into our written art, allowing our glittering hopes to shine through our WIP. When criticism pinches, or the rejections roll in, we fight on to make our work more succinct. Through our vulnerability, we risk everything in pursuit of our dreams, knowing that failure is inevitable. Yet when we fall, we brush the dust off our knees only to rise and continue.

My fellow artists: We are courageous. The next time you type on in seclusion, feeling the burden of isolation, I want you to congratulate yourself for being brave, for persisting, for following your dreams, because many people simply never bother.

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So my fellow artists, do you believe you see the word differently? Have you realize your own bravery, and if not, why not? Share your experiences with me, you know I love hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, Much Love.

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17 thoughts on “The Courageous Writer

  1. I hadn’t really thought of writing in those terms before. When I think ‘Courageous’ I imagine a firefighter entering a burning building. I’m just scrawling words and, maybe, someday, letting someone read them. But there is definitely courage of sorts in opening yourself up – to let others look inside your head, your heart – and perhaps find it lacking. Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. This is an interesting post. I say interesting because I was thinking about a lot of the things you mentioned. One of the main reasons I keep going is knowing I’m not alone. This is by far the closest bunch I have ever worked with. It’s as though we’re all there hanging on to one another whenever a rough spot stands in our way.

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  4. Excellent post, Lorraine. I think you’re right, it takes courage to be artist. Especially in a world that still looks down its nose as people who pursue such passions. Whether we are drawn to people watching or hooking onto other people’s conversations and sliping them into a story, everything we come across is filed and stored away for use, 😁

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