Writers: Thanks a Million

Today I’m filled with appreciation and love for my fellow writers. All the bloggers, all the twitter writing community, my Facebook friends and my adorable Instagram peeps.

Wonderful people spread over many virtual places. But just because we aren’t connected in a skin and bones, face to face way doesn’t diminish the respect or gratitude I feel towards you all.

I know that we all take the risk as writers to bare our souls, to delve deep under the surface of emotions, to expose that which makes us human.

Thank you message in a bottle

I’ve struggled this week with a chest infection and the knock on effect of poor mental health. I burrowed away with low energy, a rattling chest and crippling doubt.

Yet the inspiration and positive vibes from my community kept me strong and pulled me out the other side.

So thank you all.

Each week I get such a fantastic response from you all, you share your experiences, your views and most of all your personality. I owe you all my humble admiration and love. Because sometimes we need to simply spread the joy.

Keep dreaming and aim high.

Tell me about your week, how is the autumn season beginning for you. Much Love Xx

Author Lorraine Ambers - YA fantasy romance writer

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28 thoughts on “Writers: Thanks a Million

  1. The ever-present autumn colors combined with still warm days we have here are quite a mood lifter. I combined it with a relaxing walk in pine woods and, reinvigorated by it, finally got to do some editing I’ve feared.
    I am not sure if it works for you, but the advice that works for me in any kind of trouble is “go to the woods”. Or a chocolate and herb tea. Good luck and have fun with your next work!

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  2. What a lovely post of appreciation. I feel a bit lack lustre in my own blogging at the moment with my focus on other energies but it’s always nice to know our community is here and behind us. Have a great weekend.

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  3. Crippling doubt and I are long-time bedfellows. It’s why I took nearly 8 years to write my debut novel and it’s currently keeping me from writing chapter 2 of the sequel to my debut novel.
    I need Calliope to pay me a visit, but alas, she won’t come until I sit myself down and start to write. When she sees I’m sincere, then she makes her presence known and the words begin to flow.
    The paradox is that I would feel much more confident to begin writing with the inspiration beforehand.

    Autumn, you say? I think we might just be skipping autumn and going straight into winter. We had 90 degrees Monday and today the high will be 52.
    This is why I want my own tropical island.

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  4. YariGarciaWrites

    I hope you are feeling better! I no longer have Twitter, but I do enjoy your blog and Instagram 😊 I do enjoy getting to know other writers and offering encouragement whenever possible! It’s so great to connect with others who share the same passion for writing.

    Take care 💕

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  5. Reblogged this on Salted Caramel and commented:
    Lorraine has expressed so well what I feel about the WordPress community. It is indeed a network of like minded fiends.
    I can’t say anything about the other platforms she has mentioned since I don’t have much experience of them.
    But I am pretty sure Lorraine must be right there too.

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