Being a writer takes guts, so own it.

Four years ago, I join a creative writing class and started my first novel. Back then, I would never have imagined myself as a blogger, of having a platform of this scale, and I certainly didn’t see myself as being an author.

I would have blushed and mumbled that I was taking a writing class, whilst secretly writing a book. And in private I would aspire about being an author.

The Magicians - Quentin meme

If this is where you are, stop! You’re not aspiring to anything… if you write, you’re a writer. It takes blood, (probably from a paper cut, but still) sweat and tears to pour your heart and soul into your work. It takes dedication and sacrifice, to set aside time to write away from family and work commitments.

It deserves acknowledgment, and not from an outside source:

Oh, when I get good feedback I’ll feel successful – no you won’t.
But, when I get an agent or a publisher I’ll feel validated – no you won’t.
If my social media hits 10k+ I’ll feel amazing – no, No and NO YOU WON’T.

The Magicians - Margo Meme

Because until you make the choice to feel those things now, in this moment, to own your creativity as a writer. To validate your achievements, no matter how small. To know that even if you don’t get an agent, a publisher or make a healthy amount of sales on amazon – YOU ARE STILL AN AUTHOR! And heck, I’m proud of you.

It’s important for you to realise is that it’s ok to dream big. The next time someone asks you what you do, say: I’m an author and smile. Own that feeling of pride. Most people dream of writing a book, but do they have the stamina to stick with it. Who knows, but guess what? You did! You’re the one revising, editing and repeating.

This isn’t a hobby, a whimsical what if.

If you’re in it to win it, own it. Because you deserve it! You’re worth it!!

The Magicians - Alice Meme

Be the High Queen or High King of your destiny. Have faith in your future and walk tall knowing that every small step you take, is carrying you towards a future of infinite possibilities. Enjoy the process, reach out and make connections with your fellow writers, interact with your followers and take a moment to truly relish in your unique ability as an author.


The Magicians High king and Queen meme

Be brave my fellow authors and seize the day.

Yes, I’m a huge Magicians geek. The show and books it’s based on are fantstic. Have you watched the show? If so, who’s your favourite character. I’d have to pick Margo.

As always thanks for stopping by. You know I love your comments, so tell me; are you still hiding in the shadows, or have you decided to own your place as an author?

Until next time: Much Love.

Author Lorraine Ambers - YA fantasy romance writer


62 thoughts on “Being a writer takes guts, so own it.

  1. Out here in Oregon it is illegal to pump your own gas. A lot of times we sit and talk the the attendant if they’re not busy.

    He asked what I did and for the first time I told him I write. He was curious and asked what I wrote and I said novels. That is the first time I ever did that.

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  2. madisonsinkwell

    Love this! I kept my love for writing quiet for a long time and finally told my family earlier this year that I’m knee deep in a novel and want to be an author. They are so, so lovely and supportive and it feels great to tell people outside of my family that I’m a writer when they ask about what I do! Everyone always seems so impressed 😂😊

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  3. Hello, the blogging thing, Oh my gosh lol I had no idea it was this much work. But it is slowly coming together. I started it to take a break from revising my first draft. For being a writer; with all the time it takes it is most defiantly a job that I love. Great post.

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    1. Writing and blogging is a huge commitment, we all have our passion of the craft in common.
      I think starting slowly is the best way, or else it becomes overwhelming. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 😊


    1. Ha, Like a boss… love it.
      I hid for years, so you’re not alone. I only shared my work with my critique group.
      Now I have family and friends begging for a copy. But they can’t have it until it’s ready for publishing. Probably only another 100 revisions to go. 😉

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  4. Journal of Chrissie

    I’m going to take part in NaNoWriMo this year November, and I’ve finally posted two parts of my short story on my blog. I’m not yet ready for more than that, but I love the process and blogging is enough for now, while I keep learning and practicing… ♥ Loved this blog.

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      1. Journal of Chrissie

        Thank you. I’m prepping from next month, already planning out everything so that I can start writing in November. So excited and terrified at the same time. ♥

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  5. I’m definitely hiding, I want to publish either self or via a publishing company but one day…
    You’re very right about a of this though I need to talk about it and get over my shyness of it…
    Thank you 😀

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  6. thebookofjess7504

    You are such an inspiration to all the young people who want to be authors! Everyone should read this as it gives you confidence in yourself! I loved reading it. Your blog is very inspirational!

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